You can get a free download by sending a message to us here.

On the message, please enter "free download request" in the subject and state the release(s). You would like.

You need to state how you will use the music and where. For example provide links to your website or YouTube channel. And Your audience size.

Also you will need to add a link to the web based product as follows:

Free Music License with Attribution

Unless otherwise stated, when you are downloading or obtaining music for free as mp3s or any other format from 66khz.com or 66Khz Productions, you can use the audio, in your project as long as you acknowledge and give credit for our efforts. The preferred format with our website link to copy and paste into your production or video description is as follows:

Music from: https://66khz.com


Music – "Track Name" created by 66Khz Productions at https://66khz.com/collections/royalty-free-stock-music-audio-licensing

Please see below for more details for professional production & broadcast licenses. If you have further questions please use our contact form here.

Thank you for your support, and here's to your success!