OrchestraTec EP

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Omar returns this time with an all-out instrumental release featuring Aberber for some acid squelchyness. "OrchestraTec" is a high-octane electronic house track infused with the grandeur of live orchestral elements. Seamlessly blending pulsating electronic beats with the richness of orchestral elements delivers an electrifying listening experience.

Set in the key of D# minor, its melodies and driving basslines create an exhilarating atmosphere filled with intensity and drama.

The collaboration with Aberber adds an edgy twist, introducing his signature acid techno sound on the Detroit Techno mixes. Despite its small ensemble size, the track's instrumental focus allows each element to shine, captivating listeners over all versions.

Whether on the dance floor or at home, "OrchestraTec" promises to ignite the senses and leave a lasting impression with its bold fusion of electronic and orchestral elements.

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