• 66Khz Audio - Playlist Release Radar - The Record Vault: Best House DJ Music Party Playlist - SPOTIFY

    Our Hand Curated house DJ music playlist Top Picks, serving up great house party songs. Striving to be the best house music playlist on Spotify! A blend of old and new bangers. Kick off your workout and gym sessions - and liven up the office or yard at work!
  • 66Khz Audio Release Radar - Body Lingo - 66Khz Records

    "Body Lingo" is a mesmerising electronic composition that explores the intricate language of the body through pulsating rhythms and infectious beats.
  • 66Khz Productions is back! RELEASES!! COMING 2023 and 2024!

    Just a quick note to say thank you for your patience. The first few new tracks are live and there are many MANY more to come! The store is finally live as of 12/12/2023 @ 15:15 UK time and we have tons of great new music for you that is being ingested each week to the website so be sure to sign up to the newsletter to get alerts on new music release before they even hit stores such as Apple, Beatport or Spotify...   NEWSLETTER SIGNUP