Call Me EP

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Introducing our latest music release, a captivating fusion of genres that's sure to get you grooving! Get ready to dive into a world where female vocals meet the infectious energy of breakbeat, all wrapped up in a package of heavy bass lines, intricate piano layers, and hooky synth riffs. These embellishments add an irresistible catchiness.

This new release from Omar Bicane takes you on a musical journey that's as thrilling as it is emotional. At its core is a story of anticipation, capturing the essence of someone anxiously waiting for their lover's phone call.

The vocals will draw you in, conveying the depth of longing and desire, while the breakbeat rhythm keeps your chest pounding and your feet moving.

Get ready to press play and let this track transport you to a world of sound and emotion.

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All mixes are of the highest quality. As with everything we do at 66Khz Audio, we have gone above other stores that charge for each file! For the price you see, we include 320 kbps MP3 & 44.1k uncompressed .WAV for any single download.

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Captivating, Elegant, Energetic, Infectious, Rich, Intricate, Catchy, Irresistible, Exhilarating, Emotionally Resonant, Anticipatory, Suspenseful, Longing, Desire, Rhythmic, Engaging, Evocative, Transportive, Emotional, Delightful