What If EP

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Aberber returns to MusRev with a melodic techno number, "What If?", a bold exploration of electronic music that defies boundaries, with thought-provoking vocal samples from Ron Paul's iconic "What if" speech in front of the US Congress.

The instrumentation blends mixed textures from techno, house and trance with layered arpeggios and synth solos, adding depth and complexity to the sonic palette. With a driving tempo and relentless energy, this track propels listeners into a realm of sonic revolution.

The beats are infectious, pulsating with an intensity that demands movement and action. Yet, amidst the fervour, there's a sense of neutrality, inviting contemplation and reflection on the world around us.

Ron Paul's speech injects a sense of resolve and introspection into the track, prompting listeners to question the status quo and imagine new possibilities. Listen out for the 303 acid lines and Middle Eastern instruments that we love from Aberber!

"What If?" is more than just music; it's a call to action, a manifesto for change in a world needing transformation. With its infectious energy and thought-provoking vocal samples, this track inspires listeners to imagine a future where anything is possible.

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