JDXI Bank A01 EP

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Omar is back with his first release for a while. This single is part of a series of tracks created chiefly using a Roland JDXI synthesiser. Keep an eye out for the distinct artwork in the future if you're into collecting.

Later, each bank from the synthesiser will be split into separate albums. They will also be released as collectables on CD and vinyl.

So be sure to follow his artist pages for physical release dates. Just Google and search Facebook and other socials for Bicaneo.

All mixes are of the highest quality. As with everything we do at 66Khz Audio, we have gone above other stores that charge for each file! For the price you see, we include 320 kbps MP3 & 44.1k uncompressed .WAV for any single download.

What's more, if you buy the full release, you get the 48k file on top of the 44.1k and the 320 kbps MP3!  All professionally mixed & mastered by Bicaneo.com.


Energetic, Positive, Upbeat, Optimistic, Nostalgic, Retro-futuristic, Dynamic, High-tempo, Euphoric, Instrumental, Synthwave, '80s Flair, Pulsating, Electrifying, Immersive, Otherworldly, Lively, Driving, Joyful, Uplifting